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Comment Posted by cswanston Jun 08, 2009 07:04 AM

In a hard hitting game between Flash and the Wildcats the girls showed how tough they can be!

Late in the second quarter Flash's QB Bri Davidson was playing defence and jumped a pass to the Wildcat's reliable threat Teresa 'T' Morden. The clunk you could here from the sideline let you know it was head to head- two bodies on the ground confirmed it.

After the dust settled and the blood was cleaned up Bri said she could go back in and keep playing. As Flash only had 7 girls (no subs) their QB stepped up and started going to work with blood dripping from behind her ear. Unfortunately the lump (it was huge!) over Teresa's eye kept her on the sideline with a bag of ice.

By the time the game had ended- another time out was needed to clean up some dripping blood- Bri (with a big bandage on her ear) lead her team to victory over the always tough Wildcats.

After painting a masterpiece on the field, 7 hours at urgent care and 4 stitches later, Bri (Van Gogh) Davidson is now on her way to work this morning!

Great game Bri and all the players in a very physical game!



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