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Comment Posted by spider Jul 01, 2009 08:15 AM

Just noticed this guy wearing 00 as a number. man why would anyone wear 00?

I asked him if it was because Jim Otto who also wore that number for the Oakland Raiders, was the reason. Both players were centers, so I theorized.....hmmmm "what if???" Not sure if I was right, because his response was definitly not enthusiastic. One of his experienced teammates chimed in though....but I am guessing no one reading this even heard of Jim Otto. Oh well,...... but hey....

For that matter, why does anyone wear the number they have? I noticed one of the girls in the ladies division wears her husbands old number....(# 16) That's kinda cute. Plus another girl where's her Dad's old number (#21)So that's kind of respectful.

I know one guy wears # 11, because his idol was Kenny Ploen.

I bet the stories behind why number's are chosen, are actually quite interesting, and definitely meaningful and significant to many of the players. I know that's why I picked the number I wore.

Anyone care to share?

Comment Posted by marc Jul 01, 2009 09:03 AM

Jim Otto was definitely 00 and only a true football fan would know who he is.

As I get older, I want to switch to #11 I think. It looks more slimming than #19.

Comment Posted by cobras63 Jul 01, 2009 11:06 AM

63 was the first number I had when I played Pop Warner football, chosen in honour of Chris Walby. As I moved around the field (DL, FB, MLB), I had to give up 63, but it's always had a place in my heart.

Comment Posted by spider Jul 01, 2009 12:13 PM

Yeah me too. In HS I was # 22 (after Miami Dolphins, Mercury Morris.) I played RB and was a darker skin color....OK well Mercury Morris was a good RB, and therefore my hero, (after Winnipeg's Mack Heron, who inspired me to hit the weights). Moris was a good back, fast, elusive....and I was closer to his weight/size, than Czonka or Kiick...yeah those were the days.

Yeah and Marc.....11, would make you look taller.

Then, when you get into your forties you could switch to # 1 and look really thin!!!(That's why I wear the stripes now..I figure all those stripes look like "1"!!, and I need all the help I can get!)

Comment Posted by marc Jul 01, 2009 04:23 PM

Not the Dolphins! In the early 70's I would've thought OJ would've been your pick with #32. Of course, looking back on it now you probably made the better selection.

Comment Posted by spider Jul 01, 2009 05:59 PM

Well you're actually really really correct!!!! OJ was the very first "poster" I had on my wall (from the Sports Illustrated cover when he won the Hiesman! Him and Joe Willie!!!) But that was almost before playing tackle, just starting 6 man football around then. Yeah OJ was the man. But them big awards would be way out of my league, so I had to shoot for something more hopeful..... being an elusive back was a more realistic hope.

What about guys that wear a number in touchfootball like 54!!! Like who would ever aspire to be a guard or D lineman....(in real football..OK, but) especially in Touch football where everyone can potentially be a star...I'd have thought everyone would be wearing back, receiver and QB numbers...but # 47????


Comment Posted by dubblezeero Jul 02, 2009 06:31 AM

Mercury"Cocaine"Morris...SMack you aspired to all the criminals...

Comment Posted by spider Jul 02, 2009 08:22 AM

Hey look, St.Vitally,

When you're from Elmwood, (that would be the East North End), it's natural. It wasn't easy growing up in the hood, with two working parents, no guidance at home while they were away. Mayhem happening out your front door.....Those dudes were all fast, elusive, able to out run the pigs. What better boyhood icons to look up to????....

Plus,....I didn't think mentioning Judy Garland and Uncle Bob would sell the topic, or take it in the intended direction.

(You forgot Bernie "pffft" Ruoff)hell of a punter, probably still holds records of some kinds?

Damn, now I am thinking about Adele and T's "brownies" and jello!!!

When's Regina?

Comment Posted by lmitchnik Jul 03, 2009 05:44 AM

21 was the number of my favorite Bomber growing up, James Murphy. I was never able to get the number in tackle, but have worn it most every year that I could in touch.

Leslie #21 Anvils

Comment Posted by Sean Jul 03, 2009 06:12 AM

21 is Juran Bolden's no!

Comment Posted by spider Jul 03, 2009 06:54 AM

Seaner, Seaner, Seaner.....#21 is Wayne Harmon's old number, and then he gave it up to Murph when he came to the Assassins.

so.....there is really only one #21 (although Bolden was awesome. Couldn't they re-wind the clock and bring him back??)On the flight home from the Grey Cup in TO, I was sittin behind him and the center they traded to Toronto. He was jokin the entire flight home. Damn he was good!

Comment Posted by marc Jul 03, 2009 11:58 AM

This thread is making me realize how much money I've dropped on jerseys over the years.

Thanks Darrell!

Comment Posted by spider Jul 03, 2009 10:34 PM

Hey no one will admit it, but they are kind of rights of passage, (i think) Many of us grew up watching stars, and then went out and played like them(or tried to) The jerseys are the "badges."

My first "jersey" was a # 16 Cleveland Browns jersey. Now I couldn't tell ya who it represented from the 60's but, maybe someone else in cyberland could....and this was in the day when they didn't really even have "team" jerseys. Takin the trip to Gerells in Grand Forks was always more special, as they had some of the cool stuff.

Hey what's with all the WTFL teams having Blue jerseys? It sems everyone but the Anvils and Bandits have Blue?

Isn't there a league rule about colors?

Comment Posted by marc Jul 04, 2009 05:34 AM

#16 Browns from the 60's would be a Milt Plum or Bill Nelsen jersey. The only Browns jersey that makes any sense to own is a #32.

My first jersey was a silver and black #34. Should be an easy one to guess unless you were sleeping through the late 80's - early 90's.

You are correct there is a new league rule on colours. The rule is that every new jersey must be blue. It makes it easier for the refs when calling penalties as it's always one blue!


Comment Posted by spider Jul 04, 2009 08:41 AM

I heard of Bill Nelson. Milt Plum?? can't seem to remember him.

# 34 Jim Thorpe! Got that pretty easily.

Speaking of souvenirs, a Milt Steagall video comes out this week. That should be kind cool. The Hall of Fame (dinner for Milt's Induction) is on Tuesday. The league should send a representative. I'm free that night, and since American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and NCIS is a repeat, I could go.

I'll go on the league's behalf. I think a ticket is only $275.00. What do ya think?

Comment Posted by marc Jul 05, 2009 06:06 AM

I meant 1980's - early 1990's try again.
Thorpe wore #31

For more on Plum:


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