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Comment Posted by spider Jun 12, 2010 07:30 AM

Is it just me?

One of the problems I have with the stadium being built at the U of M, is access to the place. Anyone else thinking about this?

I mean, when I attended the U of M and played out there, if you didn't have a car, you were screwed. Admittedly, I haven't rode a bus in 10 years. However, living in Elmwood at the time, a car commute thru downtown was about 30 minutes. We only had the perimeter back then and that was about the same.

Like a I said, having played out there for 4 years, "down" time was awful. Not only were there few places to go (on Pembina) but the distance from Pembina to the Bison stadium was unthinkable to walk (after practice to go to Dairy Queen) I don't think anyone did it.

So that brings me to my point. (s) How are we physically going to get to the new stadium (current Bison practice grounds and intramutral fields)? While the original plan, casually mentioned the "new rapid transit system", in reality there is none. So that remains the same as "1979."

Secondly, if you don't park within the U community, where on all the "new" (since 1979) businesses could you park on Pembina. Unlike the current site, you can park all over the surrounding area. Much of it for free.

Thirdly, while initially, they said a certain percentage of the spectators would be covered from the elements (in the original plan), now,.... it doesn't look like that at all. It appears the "tin" roof will be totally useless at keeping the rain away, and as for the wind, ...forget it. It even looks like the roof could be suseptible to be blown away. Wasn't one of the concerns the health issue of bird crap from the open rafters at the current staium? The new drawings sure don't seem to solve that problem.

Finally, what about stopping urban sprawl? and re-development of the city center? Polo Park isn't quite the "city center" but being only 10 minutes away, as opposed to 20-30 minutes away (as U of M is), wouldn't it be more logical and beneficial to build the new stadium somewhere nearer downtown (Polo park site, as originally planned, or other)?

This current entire plan (U of M site)is second rate, poorly thoughtout (IMO) and in the long term, will do very little for the city center/ city,and just make the new stadium a poorly used "white elephant" venue. As far as the "Elms" project - the "high end" mall plan of David Asper.....give me a break. Winnipeggers look for bargains everywhere. Who is really going to shop at an overpriced retail outlet??? 10% of Winnipeggers, who if they want something expensive or unique hop a plane for New York or LA or wherever....---wrong, wrong, wrong. Plus, the Aspers track record recently doesn't suggest making the correct choice(s).

I'd love it if someone could alleviate my concerns.... And you being football fanatics, I thought this would be a great place to look for clarification. Anyone?


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