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Comment Posted by spider Jul 08, 2010 05:52 AM

Wow, as teams approach the 1/2 way mark of the season one thing is evident...on any given night any team can win. The Elite div has seen no clear favourite in terms of one team dominating the standings. For the last few years now the best football in Manitoba seems to have been played in the WTFL's Elite Division. I am sure there are other football leagues that have some good games. Certainly, as a Bomber season ticket holder,....I would suggest the Dub has been the site of way better football(Then again, I am sure the majority of leagues could also say that when it comes to the Bombers of the past few years)

Also have you noticed how the Dub has about 20 DBs that actually cover than the guys that play for the Big Blue???(different topic for another thread...(Name those best WTFL DBs!!)

Congratulations to the league administration and the teams who have made this Elite division one of the most competitive, if not THE most competitive in Winnipeg Touch Football History!!

The brilliant idea of having interlocking games with the equally forward thinking UTFL executives, seemingly has shown, that there are more that elite teams than just in the Dub.

Last night, in what can only be described as an all-time classic game, the Untouchables(UTFL originating cross-over team) came from behind to defeat the Assassins, who had just scored to gain the lead, in a see-saw battle that saw the Untouchables win 42-38.

Now bear in mind the Untouchables, led by the supremely brilliant performance of QB Mike Nelson, only had 7 guys!!! (who threw for 5 TD pases) Points were scored by Dave Robson who had 20 points and 2 interceptions, and Darryl Janzen who also had 14 points. Luke Kennerd with 6 and an Int and Damien Dech (still the best DB in the league) also had a convert,but was a big play "go to guy" in the crunch.

Again, realize that after giving up the lead with 1:23 seconds to play in the 4th, the Untouchables came back to win, with little over 21 seconds remaining in the game. But....

The Untouchables only had 7 guys!!!!7 guys!!!

The Assassins who are leading the division had diversified scoring as "the Legend," threw for 5 TD passes also. Wayne Jackson, David Suehn Jr., Bobby Campbell, Chris Kelly, John Boville and Marc Lapointe all had TDs while Ben Shea added a 2 point convert.

What's of interest here is that while you have heard the phrase it's a rebuilding year, the Assassins have infused 7 new players who have all just recently, or not yet, turned 20 years old...and are all major contributors. Also missing from action are the recently retired Bernie Taronno, Dan Kinaschuck, Mark Langstaff and Tim Residorf. Also out with injury are Tyler Wilcox and Kelsey Grey. So, that may be a reason for the inconsistency of the Black and Gold

Well, as I was saying, that may have been one great game, but preceeding it was the Aztec/Sunparties tilt. Aztecs, while only playing with 7 men led most of the game, but eventually fell 26-20 to the Sun Parties. Brad Black led the "Party" with 18 points, while Ogo had the other TD.

Harlo Larkin responded for the Aztecs with 2 Tds, while Kenny Ferguson, who may have seperated his shoulder, had the other Td. Adam Downing had the 2 point convert.

Practicing on the other field were the Greyhounds, formerly the Eagles. Basicically, this newer renovated/refitted squad has been breaking in new players, as the "old guard has retired. Gone are the legendary former Eagles, Jake and Henry Kornelson and current Wpg Blue Bomber President, Jim Bell. Former original? Eagle Andy Reghr is now the WTFL Official's coordinator, and is semi? retired (waiting for the right offer!!)

However, WTFL President Craig Swanston and WTFL VP Marc Jeanson, have a done a nice job re-loading/rebulding this proud franchise, re-acquiring QB Brad Sarna, bringing back All-Star recievers Rick Downie and Phil Chan. While the only remaining veteran players Sean Lehman and John Swanston also return.

So the Greyhounds (sorry), are also "re-loading." But what a number of bullets!!!

Oh and the last team...that being the officials, were fantastic during the two games. Veteran Wayne Harmon, the WTFL's best veteran ref, easily handled both games with smooth aplomb, and without a complaint.

Oh sure there were the usual comments, but when the suporting cast of 2nd year officials at the backjudge and headlinesmen position, are in perfect position, barely 10 yards away from the play, how could anyone complain. A superb job by terrific officials.

So it looks like if you want to watch or play the best competitive touch football this is the league to find it.

Now,...... if the Summer tournament, can draw these teams in, as well as a couple more, possibly from Saskatchewan, or the U, or wherever, that hot August weekend will definitely be the place to be.

What a pleasure to watch such great football!


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