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Comment Posted by spider Jun 01, 2011 05:09 AM

Just a note to the membership rgarding possible rain outs.

The permit givers specify a number of rules in letting out their fields. One of the ones is: Don't play on a field if it could be damaged. Now, it could be perfectly sunny out at game time, but if it has rained for 2 -3 days and the field is saturated....the games should not be played on it.

The league will make a post of game cancellations by approximately 4:25pm on weekdays, and before the 1st games on weekends. If the day worsens the teams will be notified via email, and of course the webskite will provide notice if games are cancelled later in the day.

1.) Check the website for updates on cancellations.
2.) Check CJOB sports at 4:25 pm

If there is no notice on either of those, assume the game is on. The refs have the ability to call off a game if no decision has been made prior to the 4:25 time. Again if there is standing water on the field the game should be called off, or played at a different location (we are toying with the idea of making a goalpost less field adjacent to the permitted field) This is a safety issue and field issue.

If in doubt call 253-3612, and I will try and answer the question at the time.

Hope that clarifies rain ooyt policy.
Apologies for last night, as there was a communiation problem regarding this protocol.


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