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Comment Posted by spider Jun 30, 2011 04:25 AM

So, Co-ed (round one) is finishing.... The big party/windup slated for July 10th at the best field in Manitoba, Winnipeg Rods field, will see the teams divided into am A group and a B group. So yeah mang, there will be an A Co-ed Champ, and a B- co-ed Champ!!!

But that ain't all.....we are going to set up a vendor on site so you can munch on something between the playoffs. Plus, we have securred the rights to permit on site beverage consumption....however, that's not all.....Boston Pizza on Ness is also chippin in with goodies, and invite everyone back to Craig's establishment following the games for some complimentary provisions.

But that ain't all....Because Coed was so much fun we are going to offer it again for the Fall, and then have a World Championship playoff between the two "season" winners. Stay tuned for exact details shortly....However I can tell ya that it will be startin around the end of August and finishing up in early October.

and yes you may sign up just as soon as that registration period opens on the website....oh yeah, and finally, b/c the interest is so high, we will also have a new team Co-ed the conclusion of the season, so tell all your girlfriends and boyfriends and moms and dads to get paired up and enter a team for that one. Registration will be on a per person basis and will set you back $25.00. Stay tuned for fegistration details shortly.

How 'bout them Bombers!


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