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Comment Posted by spider Jul 09, 2011 06:34 PM

Yup in 12 hrs the 1st WTFL Co-ed Championship Finals tournament will be kicking off.The playoffs will see the division divided into 2 divisions, and therefore there will be A Coed A Champ and a Co-ed B Champ.

I must say the division has been so much fun with the small field, short halves, and 2 games a day shedule. Weather hasn't been great and only once (last weekend) did we have a nice marked field with short grass. But hey, can't cut or line when it's been raining.

So the day kicks off with a meaningless game at 10:30, and is followed by theplay-offs at 11:30. It's a round robin playoff with top thre teams playing for the A Championship, and the remainhg 3 teams for the B championship. Each team is guaranteed two games, and the poor winners have to play a semi final and then ,,,no that must be it...

Another cool thing was seeing some old faces come back to play. That was nice.

Finally my last favourite cool thing was the scoring system. Girl involved Tds are scored as NINE points. Converts are bumped up a point also if a gal is involved.

If my team would have evercome together we had a gal at center. So, in theory every tiome we would have scored...nine points!...but alas, couldn't get the commitment so ..poof, the way of the Ottawa Renegades, Edsel,bata tape, walkman....alas sigh

But yeah I saw a few teams pitch out at the last second for the girl to score!! Pretty smart.

My only negative comment is that some of those first three teams kind of have the wrong spirit. They have a bunch of elite guys, and some of the prima donnas even yelled at the really!!!!

I think ifyou're thatmuch of a / know what, maybe you shouldn't play. I mean Co-ed is suposed to bea fun time, and some macho goof ball screaming and swearing, well that shows a lack of ....well a lack of a lot of things.

Other than that though, that basketball court sized field and short game times make it pretty score friendly...Oh yeah like the Arena game I saw in PHX this past Spring, you can't punt...not sure about that rule, but, it kinda makes sense.

Checked out a kids flag game and they play on an even narrower field.

Oh and my favourite part about tomorrow;s playoffs, on the spot hotdogs and hamburgers and byob! Gotta love playing at the Rods field. Those people are so nice.

Comment Posted by ArthurG#12 Jul 10, 2011 06:40 PM

Any status updates Darryl,

Comment Posted by cswanston Jul 12, 2011 10:03 AM

It was a great day! Perfect weather, a great facility at Rods Field and Smokies & Burgers!

B Division Final:
After a lopsided Round Robin Match vs. Guys & Dolls, Salt 'n Peppa regrouped for an exciting B Side Final. Guys & Dolls managed to protect a one point lead and get the ball back with less than 2 minutes left for the win.

A Division Final:
After losing to the Honey Badgers in Round Robin play the Assassins had to fight back to beat the Badgers by a 6 point margin to win the A Side Final. Definitely a game that was decided by one or two plays.

Coed is a great format of play- in the Round Robin game I reffed the lead changed almost every series in the second half. A team could be down 9 and was all of a sudden up 3 after a Girl TD & Convert. Definitely had to stay on your toes in terms of how quickly the balance of the game could switch.

Looking forward to the Next Coed Season...


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