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Comment Posted by spider Jul 18, 2011 05:40 AM

Well, we are done with Rods field for the it's almost the end of July???? What happened??? Rods tackle program takes over. That field was enjoyable to play on. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Shea for setting us up over there. Good Luck with all your tackle programs.

See ya next year, or are there some Fall weekends available?

So now we move to HS Paul, Tec Voc and Optimist.

HS paul - pads are at 232 Eastmount - 1st named team pick up and last named team drop off side of garage.

Tec Voc - Pads are at Maaco on Wall Street just South of the Tec Voc field.

Optimist - Pads are in the garage - Ref has keys. Note the new entrance to Optimist. It's actually past the old entrance and you now come in way behind the baseball diamonds.


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