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Comment Posted by spider Aug 16, 2011 05:59 AM

Well it's two weeks till the regular season ends.....OK 3 weeks.
Then Play-offs.

What's the format?

Rumour has it....tournament.
Everyone will get at least two games to prove they are worthy. After that it's "hasta las vista Baby" time.

Is a tournament style playoff better than the traditional 1 vs last etc , format? Well daaaa! Of course. Now even the lowest team gets two games before being eliminated...and the winning teams keep on trucking.

Hmmm....Doesn't that de-value the regular season? Hmmm You may have a point! But so what.....Don't we all just want to keep on playing???? Can't we all just get along???
I mean First vs.Worst would usually be a blow out,...kind of a waste of time for everyone right?

So,... Tournament format.

Teams could be grouped into 3's Top 6 as the league exists now.
Second Div as it is. Round robins in pools of three. Second div top two teams play each other.
First div - top 4 teams left play each other in the 1 - 2 format for each div, and the winners meet for the Trophies.

Losing teams get to form Co-ed teams, and challenge for the Fall co-ed Championship a week later.


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