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Comment Posted by spider Sep 18, 2014 09:50 AM

As this is the 30th Anniversary of Women’s Touch Football in Manitoba the exec has formed a selection committee to identify the WTFL’s 30th Anniversary All-Time All- Star Legend’s team. Here’s who stood out. Criteria was they had to have played at least 5 years from the inception of the league back in 1984! and be good!!

1. Adele Kapeluch QB Mustangs
2. Carol Ploen-Hosegood Receiver/DB
3. Patti Phillips –QB/DB- Crimson Tide
4. Amy Mohr - Receiver/DB Blue Tide
5. Teresa Morden – Receiver/DB Heartbreakers
6. Donna Toomey (Posnick) –Receiver/DB Crimson Tide
7. Bernice Hart – QB/DB Wasps
8. Donna Crowe - QB /DB - Wasps
9. Wendy Martin QB- Mustangs
10. Diana Posthumus (Quartel) Center -CrimsonTide
11. Kim Fyles – Rusher Mustangs
12. Cory Enns - Receiver
13. Jen Finch – Receiver/DB – Crimson Tide
14. Tricia Wilson – DB/Receiver – Swat/Wasps
15. Monique Lamy – Kicker - Wasps


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