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Comment Posted by spider Sep 18, 2014 12:35 PM

Your 2014 WTFL All-Stars

Hey ladies,

Sept 28, 2014 Tec Voc 1:00 pm

Wanna play with the best of the best? We have reserved a slot at 1:00pm at Tec Voc for the Annual WTFL Woman's All-Star game. Here is a list of 1st and 2nd Team All-Stars. Following the game Drinks and Pizza are on us a t our friendly neighbourhood sponsor Boston Pizza on Ness and St. James.

Note the jersey colour we are asking you to bring. But just in case bring both a light and a dark colored jersey,....we can always let you wear those lovely Gold Pinnies.

Finally if you can email the league and let us know if you can not make it that would be appreciated.

Ist team All-Stars

Offence (white)

Quarterback Sonya Panchuk - Victorious Secret, Adele Kapeluch - Wildcats
Centers Roxanne Cox, Victorious Secret, Wendy Shapina -Flash
Melissa Bailey - Victorious Secret
Receiver -Rose Tapia - GG Dubs
Receiver - Amanda Sousa – Barking Spiders
Receiver - Mackenzie Prasek- Full Snatch
Receiver - Kristen Robson - GG Dubs

Alena Jackson - Full Snatch (Centre/Punter)

Ist team All-Stars

Defence (white)

DB-Karen Gerbrandt - Flash
DB -Mackenzie Prasek - Full Snatch
DB- Jill Fast - Spiders
DB - Candace Unrau - Victorious Secret
Rusher Sheila Fauni - GG Dubs Alanna Gray - Wildcats
DB - Amy Mohr – Wildcats
DB - Carole Ploen-Hosegood - Wildcats (Back up Punter)

2nd Team All-Stars

Offence (dark)

QB –Heather Senderwich – GG. Dubs Jenn Hummeny - Spiders (Punter),
Rec -Courtney Shepell - Victorious Secret
Rec.Brayan Hilo - Full Snatch
Rec.Tami Bender - Tight Ends
Rec/DBJoy Coulter, Jessie Shea – Wildcats
Center - Sara Holder - Tight Ends
Rec.Melissa Harmon – Flash
Rec. Steph Beechinor - GG Dubs
Rec. Mary Lee Lomibao – GG Dubs

2nd Team All-Stars

Defence (dark)

DB-Melissa Steeves - Flash
DB-Heather Lewis - Tight Ends
DB-Marissa Milani Rose Tapia- Victorious Secret
DB-Crystal Mosher - Blues Sisters
Rusher- Alecia Forbes - Full Snatch , Karrie Anderson - Blues Sisters
DB -Shelley Riddell - Flash
DB -Erin Bailey - Blues Sisters
DB – Jenn Humeny – Barking Spiders


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