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Comment Posted by Edjoe Aug 05, 2007 07:25 AM

Okay we have only three games left before playoffs... yet every player on our team has only played 2-3 games ???

Why haven't our individual stats been updated ??? Isn't this part of what our registration pays for ???? The web site and our stats ????

Oh I'm no glory dog.. but take a look at the badgers in the rec division.. how many games has the whole team played ???? 2 or 3 ?
awww come on guys !
It's bad enuff that each game is running time and only an hour... least you could do is try to keep the stuff ( web site ) up to date ...

just imho...

Comment Posted by A G Aug 05, 2007 08:30 AM

As a team captain I made sure my whole team was registered with the web site so we never had the problems your having. If your on the site already the league just enter's the stats, but the whole season I noticed the Badgers only had 2 players registered. If your entire team just registered with the site recently and not at the begining of the season that would explain the problem

just an outsider's thoughts

Arthur G

Comment Posted by avengers Aug 05, 2007 08:37 AM

I have entered stats previously for the Badgers, until recently you guys only had a few guys signed up on the website as Arthur mentioned (in fact for the first month or so the only guy registered on your team was Bill Smith). This should have been completed at the beginning of the season and would have helped with the accuracy of the stats. There are other teams out there (e.g., Freaks among others) who still have not signed up most of their team. So it is not the league's fault that your team is lacking in stats.


Comment Posted by ziggy75 Aug 05, 2007 02:58 PM

rain outs,field shortages and ref shortages....hmm but we'll b#tc* about stats...get over thankful there is a website that has your schedule, keep you updated if games are on or not,and some entertainment and smack as a team pay for fields and where does it say that this web site is part of your reg.

and if this is the same badgers team from last many stats can there be?

Comment Posted by Mark Aug 05, 2007 05:00 PM

I saw the same thing as Jon, the team only had one member registered on the website when I went to enter at least two games earlier in the season. All I could do is make sure the captain had his stats (since he was registered) and the final score was entered.

If you look Bill Smith does have 9 games played, meaning at least nine times his name was entered for stats.

Comment Posted by spider Aug 07, 2007 01:27 PM

Yeah, just to re-iterate what has been said regarding the web page. Ziggy said it best. The league takes your money to give you games to play on a field, with refs, andkeep track of wins and losses. Individual player stats are a luxury That's all it's required to do.

Everything else the VOLUNTEERS do is just that. All the other stuff is really done out of the goodness of some individual who wants to make a contribution to making the league better. Are you from one of those teams that did not register players? Who do you expect the stats to go to? The only registered guy??? Surely you are not complaining about the league, not doing an individual's member's job?

Maybe someone should set up a Stats service for a fee, and publish a daily WTFL stats site

Comment Posted by ging11 Aug 07, 2007 05:22 PM

Give me $1000.00 for the year and drop the game cards off in my mailbox after every game and I will gladly do it.



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